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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Three Years Later!

My attempt at blogging three years ago was obviously short lived. So, time to get back at it.
Since January, 2011, I've moved Eco Maniac Company into a store front with my friend Lyman. She owns Eco Trends and has a focus and passion for Fair Trade as well as locally made handcrafts. Our two businesses work well together in this one space. It's also nice to have someone to learn from as well as brainstorm with.
Since January, 2011, I've left my full time position with the sea turtle and marine mammal stranding team to pursue my business full time. I did that in May of 2013. What an adventure it has been so far. A little scary not getting a paycheck. But I have no regrets and have embraced the ability and opportunity to focus 100% on my business and my causes.
Since January, 2011, I started the Old Beach Green Market, an outdoor market of eco-friendly vendors. It has gone from 4 vendors in a field to 15+ vendors on a closed off street. We are starting our fourth season in a couple of weeks (yes, January 18th for those of us willing to brave the cold). This market has led to an amazing network of eco-friendly businesses throughout the 757 area of Virginia. A network we are now calling ShopGreen757. You will see much more about both of these.

Since January, 2011, my product line has probably tripled with so many wonderful items that not only replace single use plastics, but support fair trade, are eco-friendly, are made from sustainable materials, made locally, you name it. We now carry Klean Kanteen, Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes, elephant poo paper, West Paw recycled dog toys, Mauruuru children's clothing and more. It's all at our store and on the website.
As for the Home Parties, they are still a glimmer in my eye. I have done several and I'm working on a catalog so others can do them as well. I think they are fun to do and I always get a good response from them. Aahhh, where does the time go?
We are tucked back here in the Village Shoppes at Rose Hall in Virginia Beach. With no sign on the main road, we depend on word of mouth, events and social media. Which brings me back to the blog. I hope this reaches some folks who care about the same things we do, or are at least thinking about it. I hope that I can post a little more often than once every three years. I think the effective marketing people would say once every few days would be a better strategy.
I guess I'll get back to that beginning of the year inventory thing. So much more to do this year than in 2011, and that makes me very happy :-)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here I Sit

Here I sit in my inventory room for Eco Maniac Company, a company I started almost 3 years ago. It's beginning of the year inventory time, sigh...
But I look around, and in the last year, I've added some really cool stuff to this green retail business. And I can't wait to add more.
Three years ago, my sister and I started creating designs to put on the Green Bag brand of non-woven polypropylene shopping bags. 10 designs, let's see what happens. More designs, more ideas, more products. We now carry Chico Bags, Envirosax, To-Go Ware, to name a few. And with the new Home Parties for the Planet (Hampton Roads, VA for now, but hoping in three years it will be available anywhere), we have products not listed on the website. Products that are handmade locally such as soap, jewelry and candles.
I do not think that I can eliminate the problem of single use plastics. But I can help, and I can help others reduce, reuse and recyle. Looking forward to see what 2011 brings.